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Alright collab is complete


» chat!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

» New Banner :3

I've been tinkering in Adobe Flash for a few hours and I've come up with a slightly more shiny, animated banner!

Turning the thing into a GIF gave me some trouble- it stuffed with the colours, especially skin colours, of the characters. I've done my best, but I can change it further if people aren't happy with it- I can also change the characters themselves. Later, when I get my act together and further work on the banner, I might get everyone to send me a nice, coloured and *very* simple picture of their characters and I'll be able to make a banner with something other than my own lame Flash drawing :P Not much of a collab if the same person did all the art, right?

If your character isn't on the banner, it's because they either a) haven't appeared in the comic in ages or b) I'm a horrible person and entirely forgot them. If the answer is b) make my life a waking nightmare and/or let me know as soon as possible. If the answer is a) then you'd better draw some more pages :3

» Use it or Loose it

Okay so I need people to actually pose some things if not I will remove you as author and add people that are willing to update every once and a while. So if you havent posted in a long time I will remove you. For those who've posted in the last month have immunity to my judgment. I HAVE SPOKEN!!!

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